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Women 2.0

College experience is a once in a life time opportunity, and it is very important to choose a college which will cater to your need in the best way possible. And today when we are coming out of the redundant mentality of supressing the women in the walk of life, Educational institutes like ABBS have dismissed this age old practice and strived to give both the genders equal opportunities to excel in the careers of their choice. While growing up most of women have faced prejudice at various stages be in studies, household responsibility, decision making authority etc. but now the revolution has begun, where every member of the community is making an effort in creating a world where women can grow and prosper.

ABBS is a 10 year old institution which has proved itself in all aspects to provide to the community best possible service and support. I enrolled in ABBS last term for the post-graduation course of PGDM, and since day one the college has been a wonderful journey, the well planned curriculum, excellent faculty and state of art infrastructure, have indeed enriched my experience here.

College has an efficient women empowerment wing which has taken efforts to reduce ill doings against the female students and staff. They also organise frequent seminars which address the needs of women in the campus and create awareness amongst the student crowd. They conduct interesting activities every month, which gives an edge to the student’s co-curricular activities. Armageddon an annual sporting event on the campus has provided a platform for many brilliant sports person to showcase their talents.

The teaching faculty on the campus are majorly women who have proved themselves on par with their male counterparts, and have inspired many of us to work with perseverance towards our aim. In this journey of one year I have grown as an independent woman, and I wish to sculpt my career in the best way possible.

Ms Chaitra Kulkarni,
1st Year PGDM student,
ABBS School of Management