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We believe in educating and developing the management students as future professional leaders.

ABBS School of Management offers

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), was launched in 2009 and is the flagship program of the Institute. This program is of two years’ duration and duly approved by the AICTE. We believe in educating and developing the management students as future professional leaders who will be competent, cultured and confident to undertake challenging corporate responsibilities.
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The two-year Full-Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme consists of six trimesters. The course structure has been designed to ensure that the management graduates of ABBSSM develop a judicious blend of strategic thinking, tactical implementation, specialized knowledge and general management skills.

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The electives cover all the functional areas, which equip the ABBSSM graduates to sharpen their multiple functional skills. Besides, each student undertakes live projects under the guidance of a faculty member during the second year, with the aim of gaining an insight into actual corporate realities by studying a business problem or a situation. The student undertakes a mandatory capstone project under faculty guidance. All students participate in the 4.5-month long Industry Internship Programme under the guidance of the faculty and industry mentor to be eligible for the award of the PGDM degree. The mandatory Campus to Community Project introduces the students to grass root issues and they are encouraged to undertake research and offer impact based solutions. The course endeavours to help students to identify emotions, build resilience and develop as happy and productive future professionals.

We offer 19 core papers in Management. 6 each in in the first, second, and third terms and 1 in the fourth term. Specialization are offered in the 4th and 5th term in the areas of Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations and Analytics. More than 60 electives are offered across the specializations. The students can take either Single or Dual specialization. The Capstone Project and 4.5 months IIP are offered in the 6th term. Audit courses can also be taken by the student in case he wants to learn beyond the required credits for the course.

In the first year the focus is primarily on basic courses, to build a foundation of conceptual and analytical skills, required for pursuing specialized study in various functional areas. Elective courses are offered in the second year, where the students get an opportunity to choose from a basket of multi-disciplinary courses and courses with functional depth. This enables them to pursue in–depth and rigorous learning in the areas of their specialization.

Among the notable innovations in the PGDM curriculum is: Experiential/Live Projects, Global Virtual Teams, Second Generation Core Courses, Courses that are Locally Relevant, Sustainability and Social Responsiveness, Leadership Building, Flexibility and Autonomy, Emphasis on Indian business models and Recognizing the coexistence of business and non-business sectors. To achieve these the Robust curriculum incorporates: Research publication (3 credits), Personality Enhancement- Theatre in Management (2 Credit), Certification in Disaster Management from Tejus Disaster Management Centre (Government of Karnataka recognized) , Certification in AI and Data Analytics from Virginia Tech (USA), banking and financial courses from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Six Sigma and Scrum and Agile Management Certifications from CRIMM and the 4.5 months mandatory IIP program (9 credits). This experiential learning has helped students to integrate and apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have acquired in their professional career. The Capstone Project and the IIP are tangible demonstrations of students’ competence. These initiatives represent the application of knowledge as well as the search for it.


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