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Centres of Excellence

Supply Chain Management

As a centre of Excellence, the B-School prepares students to stay ahead of developments and skill base needed for success in the fiercely competitive world of business. CRIMM, the research arm of IIMM, and ABBSSM have agreed to have Industry-Institute collaboration in the field of supply chain management, conduct advanced research in the field of supply chain management and innovation, create a platform for dissemination of advanced knowledge in the field of supply chain management through conduct of joint Management Development Programmes and industry consulting work, promote academic research in the field of supply chain management.

A well-organized supply chain with interconnected gears representing efficient logistics.

ABBS School of Management collaborated with TRAKLabs in setting up of the city’s first blockchain lab. The blockchain lab provides certification course that helps the user to learn various blockchain technologies in the most practical manner and helps to build the business-related skill set around Blockchain. It covers bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyper-ledger end-to-end with case studies and practical assignments.

Analytics and Blockchain Centre

The development of Analytics in India is enormous. With close to 1 lakh vacancies in analytics, India is the world’s second biggest job centre. The centre provides certification programs and the PGDM curriculum with the right proficiencies in areas such as business modelling, predictive analytics, introducing python and R, and optimization tools. As far as remuneration is concerned, Business Analysts are some of the highest-paid professionals in the corporate ecosystem.

According to recent industry salary studies, the average base salary for a business analyst in India is INR 6,44,857 per year. However, this is just an entry-level estimate, with most analysts earning up to INR 12,00,000 per year, especially those who are adept at the latest BA software and tools. When it comes to the higher end of the spectrum, established analysts with the right professional experience can take home something between INR 25,00,000 to INR 40,00,000 annually. Source: AnalytixLabs.