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ABBSSM STEMME Students’ Management Journal

The word ‘STEMME’ is derived from Danish, which means ‘Voice’. ABBSSM STEMME is synonymous with student’s voice. Students can explore and excel in their ideas through this journal. One of the Missions of ABBSSM is to encourage knowledge synthesis through active faculty-student interaction and to impart professional ethics and social responsibilities.

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This Journal ‘ABBSSM STEMME’ provides a platform for management students to contribute to the body of knowledge.

Nature of the Journal – ABBSSM STEMME

There are many Management Journals across the Globe that allows ample scope for the Management Faculty, Research Scholars and Industry professionals to showcase their scholastic contribution in the area of management. They can publish their empirically researched articles and case studies in many areas. Though there are abundant referred journals available across the Business schools, institutes and universities and these forums are available for Management Students as well, they are not in a position to utilize the available opportunities.They predominantly use this space for academicians compared to Students. On the other hand, the budding student’s scholastic contribution cannot be equally benchmarked with the senior research community. Hence, there is a well-defined need and dedicated and exclusive space for the Management students to showcase and publish their articles, case studies etc. ABBS ‘STEMME’ provides platform for management students to contribute to the body of knowledge. There will be two bi-annual journals in January and June of every year.

International Journal For Management Students - Vol 1, Issue 1, Jan. 2020

Impact of Neuromarketing on Green Packets Marketing
  • N. Vinila, Karri Sunil Kumar, Dileep A, Prof Santhosh Kumar G. and Dr. Feba Thomas
Determinants of tourism destination choice and the behavioral aspects of Tourist
  • Monsumi Goswami, L. Lakshmi Bhargavi and Prof. Suriyakala
Impact of Corporate Governance and Corporate Failures – Case Study
  • J.V. Sai Tega, Bharadwaj Pentapati, Bhogisetti Ganga Raju, Dr. Shivaprasad. G and Dr. Mohammed Iqbal
Determinants of Entrepreneurial Crowdfunding Success and Awareness of Crowdfunding among Entrepreneurs
  • Kanagarla Phanindra, Upasita Das, Parimi Vamsi Krishna, Dr. Shivaprasad G. and Dr. Mohammed Iqbal
Impact of E-Word of Mouth in Social Media on Purchase Intention
  • Gopala Krishna Repuri, Puneeth, Rahul Kumar and Dr. Kamini Druva
Microbrewery and Craft Beer Revolution in Bangalore
  • Tinu S Thomas and Dr. E.M. Naresh Babu
Resolve Concerns | Grievance Support

Objectives of the ABBSSM STEMME

ABBSSM has pioneered to create and provide a platform to the Management students with the following objectives.

√ It is an exclusive, distinct and unique opportunity dedicated to Management students only

√ They can publish empirical articles, case studies, profile studies, articles on application of management theory and framework in an actual industrial situation.

√ The Faculty members will extend necessary help to the students in mentoring and advising in writing and publishing the articles.

√ This will enable them to start preparing for their Ph.D. and such other higher research pursuits.

√ This journal will have all the necessary ISSN and will have the total recognition.