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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BSFI)

Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

This program is of two years duration and duly approved by the Regulatory body, AICTE. ABBS believe in educating and developing the management students as future professional leaders who will be competent, cultured and confident to undertake challenging corporate responsibilities. The course, apart from imparting quality management education also inculcates professional ethics, social responsibility, global and cross-cultural approach that are important for taking logical, holistic and professional decisions.


Banking and Financial Services careers include a variety of banking and money management services such as saving, investing and retirement plans. Careers in banking and financial services range from customer service banking and sales positions, financial advisers and analyst positions. They typically work in commercial banks, mortgage companies, savings and loan establishments and credit unions. Government agencies and companies also require financial services professionals to manage their portfolios and statements and also to audit and regulate other institutions.

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What can students expect in the program?

  • This program deals with an overview of Indian financial system in general and banking & insurance sector in particular. It covers the recent developments in India with regard to Financial Sector Reforms, Functions of Banks, Banker-Customer Relations, various types of Customers, Deposits, Loans, Remittances, Collection and allied services.
  • Aspects like principles of lending, creation of security, credit management, terminology and services in banking technology, Non-Performing Assets, etc. will be focused on.

Highlights of the Programme

Innovative and impactful program with strong engagement with the Industry
Academically and Professionally qualified Faculty, Industry leaders with cross functional expertise deliver the program
Networking with well-placed Alumni Members of ABBS and Merit Scholarship available for students with good academic achievements
Exclusive job placement in BIFAS industry in collaboration with the industry association & professions
Fully equipped campus with all the learning Facilities
Multiple case analysis, simulation and Blended technology enabled teaching for active involvement of students in the academic delivery
Learning with effortless ease in the Business/Investment Lab with the usage of extensive ICT
Customized Value-Added Courses to crack the selected competitive exams conducted by NISM, IBPS, IIBS etc.

Value Added Program (VAP) : Investment Banking by CISI

Investment banking is growing across the globe like mergers and acquisition, fund raising. Now all companies require professional help when it comes to finance and that is why investment banking industry is growing. But the advantage India has that this investment banking has happening across the world. They are bringing their operation into India and India is becoming an investment banking operation hub. There are two major reasons for it. 1st is technology that available in India is only available in advance country but salary package in advance country are high. At the same time in India skilled people are available at decent salary. That is why all the investment banking companies are switching and bringing their investment banking operation to India. This is where we require skilled people in investment banking operation.

VAP Key Takeaways

Getting Jobs into Investment Banking

Getting CISI certification which is recognized over 70 countries across the globe
Job Guarantee program
Hardcore operation job

Course content:

  1. Retail Banking
  2. Credit Risk
  3. Trade Finance
  4. CISI certification


  • Exams
  • Internals
  • Pre-tests
  • Post-tests after every module.

Job Placements:

  • Minimum 5 interviews per student After completion of CISI certification.
  • Jobs in Investment banks company like: JP Morgan, HSBC, Citigroup Investment
    Banking, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, Bank of America etc.
  • CTC- 8 to 12 Lakhs

BSFI Career Opportunities

ABBS School of Management is Educating, training and grooming the students to become competent professionals in the following domains:

Private Banking

Wealth Management

Life Insurance

Tax Planning

Investment Consultancy

Financial Advisory Services

Fund Management

Financial Products Designing

General Insurance

Portfolio Management

Financial Products Marketing

Insurance Products

Mutual Fund

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

Admission Process

2. Screening process and Interview with Faculty

3. Issuance of Offer Letter

4. Acceptance and Admission Fee payment

5. Reporting and Admit Card Issuance

6. Welcome to ABBS!