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The relevance of global immersion in a PGDM program

The Global immersion program is the newest elective course inclusion for students opting for a PGDM (post graduate diploma in management) program. The global immersion aims to align and orient a global perspective to generate a common understanding of the PGDM aspirants about a selected country or institute’s business practices. The development of an understanding is to be in alignment with a particular area of business and entrepreneurship. Usually, for candidates, it is often a study of the socio-cultural, political and economic environment of a specific country chosen for the process of immersion. Immersion programs are often for a total duration of 15 days.

In simple words, the global immersion program facilitates you or provides you with an opportunity to know another country, culture, and way of doing business with the world. It can be a new experience for those who have seen only one or two ways of doing business with people. Having a multicultural outlook can broaden your horizons and can help you suit a multinational environment. You can also play a reconciler role when the understanding gap widens between two different cultures or organizations due to their various locations.

Global PGDM at ABBSM

For taking up this program, the students can opt for three alternatives.

  • Visiting a rural setup.
  • Simulations through various enterprises
  • A visit to a foreign nation

Global immersion is a programmed route ensuring brilliant opportunities to understand international businesses’ functioning across the world. It also offers certifications from the foreign universities, gives scope for observational learnings, allows cross-cultural interactions, and builds an international network of people and clients.

Few objectives and benefits that are targeted with such a program in place includes,

  • The program can help in understanding how other nations are improving their rural lives. It can, in return, help in bettering the rural lives across the country.
  • An influential entrepreneurial career would require a global mindset that this program aims to offer.
  • If you have your business idea and wish to move forward with it, the global immersion program can help you understand how nations across are approaching the project you have in mind and can establish contacts with the right people you need to develop your project.
  • It can help better understand and apply business practices globally for your firm or country


The program is a right fit for you if you are trying to bridge gaps or if you are trying to establish a common understanding across cultures. Additionally, it can benefit you if you’re trying to develop the rural Indian economic system. Even an understanding of how countries work can help you establish your own business, and once you know the way a particular country does business, given you like their way, you can always set up your business chain with them.