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Professional Life & Personal Finance with the Perspective of the Stock Market


ABBS School of Management

About the Event:

To help students in the stock market domain, our department has organised a guest lecture on the topic “Professional Life & Personal Finance” from the perspective of the stock market. The session was delivered by Mr. Thimmappa Korakol on July 23, 2022. Thimmappa Sir delivered a presentation on how people think the stock market stereotypes will be and how to overcome those things. Mr. Thimmappa sir has given the presentation on many budgeting methods and how to enter the stock market with proper guidance. He has taught us many things from his knowledge of stock broker careers and also demonstrated many techniques to invest, but of all of them, the budgeting rule is the foremost, which is the Golden Budget Rule during his presentation (50: 30: 20). As the session was quite interesting, for a matter of fact, the investing domain is so vast that I’m sure many of us will opt for the investment field. Thimmappa Korakol sir addressed the gathering with his great session and lots of live examples, offering brief and knowledgeable perspectives towards the stock market and personal financing for everyone.