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Glimpse of Summer School with International Students

The ICETAO 2024 International Conference on Emerging Technologies, Analytics, and Operations was hosted by IBS Hyderabad on March 22nd, 2024. Two PGDM 1st year students from ABBS School of Management, Debasmita Bhandari and Pragati Agarwal, along with their professor Dr. Kamini Dhruva, had the opportunity to attend this enriching event. The ABBS delegation was grateful for the support and encouragement from the Director of the PGDM program, Dr. Madhumita Chatterjee. Her unwavering backing and blessings were instrumental in making this conference experience a success. The Conference provided valuable insights into the latest advancements and trends in these dynamic fields, fostering knowledge-sharing and networking among the participants.

Attending ICETAO 2024

Upon arriving at IBS Hyderabad, the guests were provided with a Book of Abstracts, which included submissions from all participating colleges. The ABBS School of Management’s paper was featured on page 19 of the book.

The orientation program began with an insightful lecture by Prof. Vijay Sunder M, the Academic Director of the Center for Business Innovation at IBS Hyderabad. This was followed by a workshop on “Application of Advanced Analytics at Micron” led by Dr. Shantanu Shankar Bagchi, an MTS from Micron Technology, and a panel  discussion on “Navigating the Future of Operations Management.”

The highly anticipated paper presentations took place from 4:00 PM onwards. Debasmita Bhandari and Pragati Agarwal, the PGDM students from ABBS, presented their paper titled “AI and Automation’s Implications on the Future of Workforce: A Review,” which was well- received by the audience.

A Day of Learning and Networking

The entirety of March 22nd and 23rd wa filled with knowledge-sharing, networking, and a relaxed environment. The attendees were provided with breakfast upon arrival, tea breaks in between, and a delicious lunch, allowing everyone to engage in the conference activities with ease and comfort.

Institute Representation and Recognition

The ABBS School of Management was well-represented at the ICETAO 2024 conference. Debasmita Bhandari and Pragati Agarwal, the PGDM students, delivered a compelling 15- minute presentation on their paper, “AI and Automation’s Implications on the Future of Workforce: A Review.” Their hard work and dedication were recognized, and they were awarded certificates of  presentation and participation at the end of the event.

Enriching Experiences and Lasting Impressions

Valuable Insights: The ICETAO 2024 conference provided the attendees from ABBSSM with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the latest advancements in emerging technologies, analytics, and operations management. This expanded their perspectives and ignited their passion for these dynamic fields.

Networking Opportunities: The conference facilitated valuable networking opportunities, allowing the ABBSSM students to connect with their peers from other institutions, as well as industry experts and academicians. These connections can lead to future collaborations and career opportunities.

Confidence and Growth: The experience of presenting their research paper at the conference helped the students develop their public speaking skills, confidence, and ability to effectively communicate their ideas to a wider audience.


The ICETAO 2024 International Conference on Emerging Technologies, Analytics, and
Operations hosted by IBS Hyderabad proved to be a transformative experience for the ABBS School of Management delegation. The Conference’s comprehensive program, engaging presentations, and networking opportunities allowed the students and faculty to expand their knowledge, hone their skills, and establish valuable connections within the academic and industry communities. This event has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on us and inspires them to continue their pursuit of excellence in their respective fields.