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GIBS Inter College Management Fest


GIBS Business School

About the Event:

On March 31, 2022, the GIBS Business School conducted “Enchainer 2k22,” a one-day national-level management fest. Young students in various roles, such as ambitious managers, financial masters, and marketing wizards from prominent management universities, met during the festival.

The Enchainer Fest was held to allow students to improve their communication skills, teamwork, and explore their potential on multiple levels in various competitions following COVID by presenting themselves in a physical environment on campus. 600+ students registered for the festival. In addition, 40+ colleges from all over Bengaluru competed in various contests. The students of the PGDM programme of the ABBS School of Management participated in various competitions like Dumbledore of the Year (HR Event), Remember Alls (Solo Dance), Group Singing), Solo Singing), Group Dance), Potter Head (Best Manager), The Chamber of Secrets (Quiz Event), Snaps of Marketing (Marketing Event), and Trading (Finance Event).

These all-day events take place under the guidance of Prof. C.V. Purshotham.