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Faculty Profile

Two students, abbssm and Kulkarni, discussing studies on campus

Dr.Subhash Kulkarni

Designation: Professor
Qualification: Ph.D, MBA
Contact: 080 23245515/16/18/19

Brief Profile

Ph. D in Statistics from Center for Advanced Studies in Statistics, University of Pune, India -1988. Thesis Topic: “Applications of Andrews’ Function Plot in Multivariate Quality Control Process”. The work reported in the thesis was mentioned in International Conference on Multivariate Quality Control methods held at Tokyo Japan. M. Phil in Statistics from University of Pune, India 1981. Dissertation Topic: Graphical Techniques for Statistical Data Analysis.

Analytics Experience (Current and Past): 14 years:

  • Mining of e-commerce Data: Development and deployment of Predictive analytics techniques for modeling online visitors’ behavior to increase online sales in real-time, modeling shopping cart abandonment rate, improve customer.  experience, obtaining actionable insights based on what customers chat, their problems , queries raised abt the products that they purchased etc.

  • Patents on User Behavior on websites, Predictive Decision management to seek answers to ‘What’ “When and Why’ , and ‘What next’ and related areas.

  • DOE: Analysis and Design of Experiments(DOE) to improve online user experience.

  • Predictive Decision Management Software System consisting of Logistic regression, Time series models, Neural Networks, Decision Tress and many more for Offline data Mining — Applications of Data Mining methods to identify and rank actionable influencers, predict specified KPIs and recommend actions to preempt predicted issues.

  • Development of algorithms for advanced statistical techniques such as Linear Mixed Models, Robust regression, etc. for SYSTAT- Desktop Statistical Software.

  • Sample surveys and analysis: Planning, Execution and Monitoring of Sample survey Projects and preparing comprehensive reports on socio-economic status of people in a specified region.

  • Diagnostic tools for identifying factors responsible for Multivariate quality control processes.

Professional Experience:

  • Analytics Consultant -Techknit IT-Enabled Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune (2015-)

  • BI Advisor: Consultant for Big Data Analytics Pvt Ltd Bangalore: Worked on DELL Order Processing

  • Distinguished Data Scientist: [24]7 Inc., Bengaluru (June 2011-May 2015)

  • Professor of Analytics at IFIM Bangalore (July 2015 –April 2016 )

  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru – (Awarded Best Academic Mentor from NHRD Bangalore (2010-2011)

  • University Faculty for M.Phil. M.Sc. (Applied Statistics) /M.C.A: 20 yrs.

List of Publications in International Referred Journals:

  • Use of Andrews’ function plot technique to construct control curves for multivariate process. Stat. Theory and Method 13(20) 2511-2533. Marcel Dekker Publication New York (jointly with S. R Paranjape)

  • An improved graphical procedure for multivariate quality control. Stat. Simul. and Comp. 15(1) 135-46. Marcel Dekkar Publication New York (jointly with S. R .Paranjape)

  • A more general criterion for subset selection in multiple linear regression. Commun. Stat. Theory and Methods (2002) 31(5),795-811 (jointly with D.N.Kashid). Marcel Dekker New York

  • Subset selection in multiple linear regression with heavy tailed error distribution. Jr of Statistical Computations and Simulations (2002), 1-15 (jointly with D.N.Kashid). Taylor & Francis publication

  • Diagnosis of Multivariate control chart signal based on dummy variable regression technique (with A.A.Kalgonda) Stat. Theory and method.(2003) Marcel Dekker New York

  • Joint control of mean and covariance matrix in multi. Quality control. Statistical Methods (2003)

  • Multivariate Quality control chart for an auto correlated process. Jr of Applied Statistics (2004). Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)

  • Modeling Consumer Loyalty using Survival Analysis Techniques–A Case Study : presented at ASQ- Quality Conference to be held at Tec Mart, Santa Clara, California (US) during Oct ,21- 22 nd ,2010.

Blog and Other Publications:

  • How to increase Predictive Accuracy-Part-I ?

  • Robust Regression for SYSTAT Software User Manual 2003

  • Linear Regression model for SYSTAT Software User Manual 2003