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Does PGDM after an Engineering degree benefit you?

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Becoming a techno manager i.e. an individual with both technical and managerial skills.

Is a diploma in management the right choice for an engineering graduate?

Yes, it is, if you love managing the job in hand. If you effectively think management is what you want to pursue yet, you’re now not ready for an MBA, and you can seek a PGDM (post graduate diploma in management) instead.

A PGDM course can give you enough traction for finding a suitable job or even when starting your entrepreneurial project.

Before you want to pursue a management diploma after engineering, you must know its advantages.

  • If you want to begin a career soon after graduation, you might face some hiccups, but with a PGDM degree, it becomes easier to acquire a job.
  • The salary package offered by the companies when you have a PGDM is more than the salary package offered to an ordinary graduate.
  • Networking is the keyword in today’s world. With this course, you can comfortably network around a large group of friends and acquaintances.
  • The knowledge one gains from a PGDM is beneficial even in managing every sort of business and work, in fact, even your day to day life.
  • Management degree can open doors which take quite a lot of hard work for non-MBA/PGDM graduates to open up.
  • It can boost your confidence and expand your understanding over a specific field. Practical on-hand training, problem-solving capabilities can make you a pro in managing your work far better than others.
  • It can improve your soft skill capabilities and your overall understanding of human behaviour broadly.

Initially, the course was meant for working professionals. Now the course is open to even freshers out of college. People would flourish into different business roles which are not reachable with any ordinary graduations. The roles of financial managers, business analyst, chief executives and operations HR are some of the job options you can opt for after completing the PGDM Course in Bangalore.

Techno managers are a hybrid of engineering skills and the management industry. These individuals can be a great asset to the organization since they can manage work and operate projects technically assisting the team with their knowledge and expertise.

A salary hike of 30% is given to all candidates who have acquired a PGDM soon after graduation.

Thus, taking the course soon after your graduation or after a few years of work can add a feather to your cap. As an engineering graduate, you have honed a few skills to help you with a particular field of operation, however, with a PGDM you learn skills that not help you in a single profession but can help you undertake different challenges and can help you add several other professional varieties to your kitty. Therefore, if you’re an engineering graduate considering the cons of having a PGDM degree soon after, think better, since a PGDM degree can reward you in very many ways.