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Cricket Fever in ABBS School of Management- Join the Excitement!

Hey! Psst!!!!! Have you heard? Something super interesting is going to happen at ABBSSM. But before I say what it is, I ask the readers- Do you like cricket? I know I know; what kind of a question is this? Who doesn’t like cricket, right? I know you are familiar with IPL. People are crazy about it. The whole of India looks forward to IPL. But IPL is very common these days.

We are going to tell you about something even more interesting. Something that you could not have imagined! Have you heard of PPL? Well, you are going to now! Because the PGDM Department of ABBS School of Management is organizing its biggest ever cricket tournament! They call it PGDM PREMIER LEAGUE!!

That’s right folks! Cricket fever is at its height. The world is rife with war and conflict but evev then, people will look towards something to comfort them and cricket is one of those things. It is a time in India where people pray for the peaceful rest of their ancestors and aren’t supposed to indulge in material luxuries. In spite of that, the sales of TV have increased. There is only one reason- Cricket! And our PGDM Department has also caught this fever. Quite enthusiastically, we have to say.

PDGM Premier League

To start off, PGDM auctioned their members off. Yep! You heard right. All the boys were auctioned off to the girls and faculty of PGDM. The auction was quite fierce. You should have seen the way people competed to get the players they wanted! It was, honestly, a sight to behold. Stuck in one classroom room, both the Seniors and Juniors of PGDM gave their all in the auctioning process. The seniors did a good job of organizing it. Well done, Seniors! There are four teams- Knight Warriors, Royal Mavericks, Golden Eagles and Rising Titans. The team names sound interesting, doesn’t it? Well, they are also made of members who embody their team names.

Every day, each team give their sweat and tears in their practice sessions. They push themselves to their limits. Well, they have to, right? Considered some were auctioned off at 33 crores and 25 crores. Chandu from Royal Mavericks and Albito from Knight Warriors sold at 33 cr and 25 cr respectively. Similarly, from Golden Eagles Ghaanesh and Vaibhav sold at 17 cr and 16 cr respectively ; from Rising Titans both Sreeram and Sashidhar sold for 13 crs each. These are players to watch out for!! Everyone battled to have these members on their teams. Sreeram was the highest bid player last year, at 10crs but this year, Chandu sold for a whooping 33 crs. So you can already understand the true extent of this year’s cricket tournament.

I am sure you are wondering, what is so great about PPL? I would say, there are a lot of aspects to it. Through the auctioning and the sessions the Seniors and Juniors got close to each other and everyone learned how to work together to make this tournament into a huge success. Everyone learned how to organize such huge events, learned how to communicate with each other and respect each other. The students got closer to their faculty through this event as well. Even though there was fierce competition between the teams, there was also a collective sense of happiness and content in the room.

Still not sure, why PPL is such a huge deal? Well, all you have to do this, stay tuned with us and we will bring you all the juicy details of the biggest cricket tournament that ABBS has ever seen!!!

Join us, as we take you through this wonderful journey of PGDM PREMIER LEAGUE!

Stay logged in for the actual event and the “WINNER” of the PPL

Mentored by: Dr.Kamini Dhruva, Professor, ABBS School of Management

Written By:

Ms.Debasmita Bhandari, PGDM, Batch (2023-25) ABBS School of Management.

Written By:

Ms.Pragati Agarwal, PGDM, Batch (2023-25) ABBS School of Management.

Written By:

Mr.Gaurav Sethia, PGDM, Batch (2023-25) ABBS School of Management.