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Choosing a Career Post COVID-19

Planning your career isn’t as straightforward as you may have been led to believe. In fact, it is undoubtedly a trying time in any individual’s life, and if you make the right choices, you’ll emerge victorious on the other side. Often, a lot of fresh graduates feel torn between choosing a career in the field they have an interest toward versus something more conventional. Additional pressure from peers, parents, relatives, and grown-ups can leave you clouded and prone to choosing something just for its sake. While it isn’t wrong to choose a career in the conventional field, you must do so with the conviction that you can make the most of your time and effort.

Today, the world is facing a pandemic, and several students and graduates are left in the dark about their future plans. While some have decided to completely switch up their career path, others are facing trouble deciding on which sector of their chosen industry they should work in.

The only way to combat this uncertainty and manage your sanity is to prepare and plan in advance. Here are some pointers to help you get started.

What are your interests?

The first step is to identify your interests with regard to work. While college accustoms students with many career choices they have within the chosen industry, some students may be looking for something of their own. If you’re keen on pursuing a job you learned about during college, an internship, or in everyday life, you’re already a step ahead. Shift your energy on finding out if this is exactly what you want to do and whether you have scope for growth in this field. Alternatively, if you’re confused or split between a number of career choices, make a list of them and find out the pros and cons of each.

Have you self-introspected?

The most practical thing to do is to identify whether your abilities and skillsets match the career field you wish to pursue. It is certainly possible to learn anything new and start from scratch, but you must know that this takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication. Certain limitations like age, educational background, and qualifications can prove to be difficult to secure a career in a field you like.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on finding out which career can perfectly align your interests and skillsets. After all, you want to like your job and also be good at it. If you have an interest in Wall Street, make sure you are good at finance. Similarly, if you like marketing, make sure you have good interpersonal skills and organizational abilities.

What is the scope of the chosen field?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has made it quite confusing to identify which industries will be affected badly and which can sail through the crisis. The key here is to keep yourself updated about all the happenings in your industry and make a decision based on the same. While it isn’t possible to see immense potential right at this moment, you can check out expert opinions on the matter or even consult with a senior or mentor in the chosen field. Don’t reject any field without doing some research. Who knows, maybe the right opportunity is just waiting around the corner.

To conclude

Several students are influenced by mainstream media or the outside appearance of a career, and this works as motivation enough for them to pursue it. While there is nothing wrong with this, you must remember to be practical. Like in any industry, you will have to face a number of ups and downs in your dream career field. The goal here is to prepare yourself to be the learner mentally. Once you set your mindset to allow any experience to shape your thoughts, personality, and performance, you can truly emerge as a winner.