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Career Prospects after a PGDM Program

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Options in analytics, Operations, marketing, Finance, HR

PGDM (post graduate diploma in management) is a course which equips you with the knowledge and the essential skillsets required in the management and the business industry. If you plan to pursue a management degree abroad, you can first try mastering the PGDM course. The knowledge offered in this course is similar to the knowledge provided in the MBA courses.

Not only can you go for an MBA after the PGDM course, but you can also actually even opt for a job. 

You can take up HR roles in several different sectors like manufacturing, FMCG, insurance, banking, education, hospitals, hotels, media houses, management, entertainment, research & development industries, logistics, supply chain & pharmacies, and even the communication sectors.

Even remote working has become possible for HR professionals, and some PGDM courses also offer complete placement guarantee even at this stage and condition.

Some of the most advanced options where a PGDM graduate can find work encircle the field of 

1. Finance
In the field of Finance, a regular PGDM candidate can opt for the financial management role. This particular dimension allows the candidate to manage the capital and other resources of the company effectively. As a financial manager, you can keep an overview and manage the financial dealings of the company.

2. Analytics
Do you have an analytical bent of mind? If so, the role of a business analyst might be the right tag for you. With almost 20% growth in the data market and with nearly 97% of companies investing in the fields of big data and machine learning, the data market seems to have grown to be a stark 50-billion-dollar industry.

You could join as an analytical expert and become a data scientist, business analyst, or freelance consultant.

An exciting way to invest your analytical mind paired with your PGDM degree would be to take up a predictive modeler’s job. The models are specific programs that predict future based on the data fed into them.

3. Marketing
With a PGDM done in marketing, you could help in the market’s growth in a particular sector. You will have to implement effective marketing strategies on behalf of the company. You might have to use your analytical and managerial skills for different niches in the public sector once you have completed your PGDM.

4. HR
You could be a human resource manager, and you could play a primary role in ensuring that a company is running smoothly. As an HR, you need to ensure that employees are working in a comfortable work environment.

5. Operations
You could additionally take up the responsibility of the operations for a company. Operational management is all about achieving the developmental goals, remodelling and management of the company’s profits. 

Monitoring the daily operations of a company and utilizing resources are tasks to be handled by the operations HR from time to time.

To summarize, we can say, PGDM is a vast field and can help you secure a job in many ways. It is a degree that can put you up in any sector and you can work in almost anything, be it the manufacturing units or the financial sectors of a company. Many PGDM courses offer you a job soon after completion of the course. If you’re planning to take a PGDM course, now you know what you can gain from it.