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An Excerpt from My Memoirs in ABBS School of Management

“The quality of life of a teacher is the most exciting and enriching one!”…are the very words my late father Brigadier.V. Dhruva told me when he learnt that I was on the brink of my teaching career and perhaps is the reason why I chose it too almost 23 years back.

Today many experiences flash before me when I look back. Funny, joyful, sad, nostalgic, tearful…but this one memory is the most recent, enduring and heartfelt which humbled me which I experienced.

A couple of semesters ago, I was requested to take a student whom I would call Ms. Eve as an individualized student as she was unable to take the regular time due to a serious medical condition. What left me amazed was her approach to life, her attitude towards her academics, zeal and her grit to fight her medical condition and balance her dreams and inspirations to lead a normal life like any other youngster. Her strong spirit and will power not to miss any lecture, assessments or other deadlines in mine as well as other courses are worth mentioning. Her optimism, bubbly nature and always smiling face remains a beautiful memory etched in my head and heart. Despite her weak and failing health she always insisted that people would recognize her for her abilities and  did not care for sympathy from others and her hard work would be her key to success. Her grit and determination were amazing and with the support from our team and the institute she successfully managed to complete her course. After she graduated,  she dropped in personally to thank me and the others. She looked radiant and happy as she had won her battle against her condition too and was all set to pursue her dreams.

Such experiences like this make me retrospect how much more to life there is and how much we take for granted. As a faculty I am passionate not only to impart the requirements of our curriculum but also how I can create a positive impact of life and its realities to my students. But on  that day, I was probably the student learning one of the several lessons of life…. And in the end its not the years in your life that counts, it’s the life in your years (Abraham Lincoln). One can never realize what we learn from such experiences, but deep down it creates an imprint which changes our outlook towards life.

Dad, you were right about life, it is not about how to survive the storm, its about learning to dance in the rain. No wonder my experiences will continue to be the most exciting one as I meet new classes, new students with whom we continue are tireless and relentless  efforts to contribute and enrich their wisdom, knowledge and horizon but the best take home is what we learn and relearn in this process. ABBS, you have so much to offer, may you continue your quest to your stakeholders  to  Aspire, Accelerate and Achieve!

Dr. Kamini Dhruva - Academic Profile

Dr.Kamini Dhruva,
ABBS School of Management