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Worried about the job market in 2021? Here’s what you should know.

Positive outlook and job opportunities being available.

2020, the year the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak took everyone by surprise and affected the job going population and businesses dreadfully because of being forced into isolation for months in many countries.

Or it can be said that the world wasn’t ready for stepping up to newer work trends despite being in this modern era.

Though, today the world has better provisions than the Spanish Flu times, a hundred years ago, yet the beginning of the year seemed difficult for many unless people started adapting the new normal.

Today’s world is better equipped with computers, personal laptops, internet, smart phones, telecommunications services, and tons of other technologies to support remote working as a lot of businesses are mostly involved in carrying out IT-based work.

Yet, business professionals, job goers, job seekers, college pass outs have faced a tremendous challenge this year in landing themselves in the desired job opportunities. Many have lost their job worldwide too due to unpredictable layoffs.

So, let us see what the job prospect are in the coming year and how does the job market look in 2021?

Key parameters to focus on while job hunting in the ‘new normal.’
Here’s a quick guide for job seekers who will be hunting for new jobs or will be looking for a job change in 2021.

  1. The paradigm shift from office reporting to remote work
    Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and TCS have shown eagerness to shift most of their workforce on a work-from-home structure. IBM had already incorporated this work trend in the past for a few projects. Other IT companies are also willing to follow suit.
    As the world is still stabilizing itself from the pandemic’s impacts, most of the workforce might still continue to be working remotely, so hiring has also taken the virtual route, including conducting virtual interviews and virtual on boarding.
  2. Consider career change as a survival option
    Some industries have taken a toll during the pandemic compared to other sectors. Layoffs have forced people to shift to newer roles or take up skill enhancement certifications to acquire better job positions.
    It is even advisable for students who are fresh out of college to brace themselves for various job market challenges by upskilling them.
  3. Concentrate on industries booming during the pandemic
    You can consider applying to industries (provided you have some necessary skills relevant to a particular field) that have been less impacted by the pandemic’s effects or have recovered quicker than other industries. Some of these are:

    E-Commerce Sector: 2020 may not be a good year for retailers and wholesalers, but e-commerce, on the other hand, has been steadily growing. This is because e-commerce was able to function even during lockdowns and was the only hope for people locked up in cities and remote locations for obtaining essential supplies at times. Retail sales are expected to go up by 22% in 2023, and 58% of shoppers preferred online shopping this year compared to last year’s 51% preference.

    IT & Telecommunications Sectors: IT and software companies were able to completely support their businesses and clients during this crisis period, and telecommunication companies are also gearing up for the next level of expansion with the expected arrival of 5G connectivity next year.

    Healthcare & Pharma Sectors: Stocks of all major pharmaceutical firms and the healthcare companies have seen better days in 2020. Healthcare profession has constantly seen a demand even during lockdowns.

  4. Be confident in negotiating for salaries or seeking a promotion
    Contrary to popular belief, career experts advise that if you are worth a raise or promotion, then you should not be scared to ask for it.

    Thus, keeping in mind the above points, you can begin your job hunt again and remember to have some patience before you land up in the right job.