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What is Business Analytics?

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Business analytics is a collection of methodologies and tools for applying data analysis, statistical modelling and  quantitative techniques to address business problems. It comprises an iterative, rigorous examination of the data within an organisation, with a focus on statistical analysis to inform decision-making.

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Brief about Post Graduate Diploma in Management

A PGDM in business analytics usually is a top choice for ambitious business owners and executives. The PGDM is a flexible study track that may prepare you for a wide range of sectors, and it is a recognised business management degree in business Analytics colleges in Bangalore. With a PGDM business Analytics diploma, you can essentially work in any area because every firm and industry uses business procedures to function. It enables students how to gather and analyse data using technology in order to get business insights and create company plans.

PGDM in Business Analytics enhances business analytical skills in decision making at the highest level of the organization. This program addresses a range of issues that are integral to business decisions through case studies, dynamic faculty presentations, and group discussions. With this program one develops knowledge and competencies on various analytical tools and technologies to collect and analyse data for generating business intelligence and support different functional areas of organizations belonging to various industry domains. PGDM Business Analytics programme offers excellent chance to participants who are eager to create a career in one of the fastest expanding sectors globally.

Business Analytics are used in industries like retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, energy, social media , e-governance, telecom, financial Accounting, Financial Analytics, Managerial Economics, optimization analytics, statistical analysis, and other topics are covered in the PGDM curriculum. PGDM jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in India

Career Scope Post PGDM

Information and analytics live in each other’s pockets

All set to kick off? Take a step ahead to establish yourself in the business field, where the options are immense. No wonder a PGDM degree in business analytics colleges in Bangalore will help you achieve this goal. Candidates getting jobs after PGDM depends on the specialization they have chosen.

A PGDM in business analytics is one of the top programmes to enrol in after graduation. Students may study about technology-based analytics and data, as well as how to apply this data to enhance businesses, in the business analytics concentration. It is a topic that is rapidly gaining popularity due to its importance and potential in the professional arena. Students studying business analytics now land jobs more quickly and earn more money than peers with similar degrees but different specialties. 

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  • Corporate Analyst/ Market Research Analyst : Business analysts conduct in-depth analysis of every area of a company. They must be fully informed on the operation of the company. PGDM colleges train students to analyze every aspect of marketing, advertising, accounting, finance, procurement, supply chain, distribution, and more in order to get insightful knowledge on enhancing the company.
  • Market Research Analyst : Understanding the market environment where the employer’s firm runs, knowing their clients and competition is the is their primary responsibility of a market research analyst They must come up with techniques for gathering data, including surveys, organize that data, create clear reports, know about rivals and communicate that data to the executives.
  • Healthcare Sector : The medical industry creates a lot of data, this prompts the necessity of professional assistance by a healthcare analyst. Their primary responsibility is to gather, interpret collate, organise and analyse the medical data. This information is shared to assist patients receive better healthcare.
  • Human Resources Sector : Human resources form the foundation of all industries, an HR analyst’s duties are even more crucial. Candidates for analyst positions in this industry would be expected to do duties including evaluating statistics to identify trends in hiring procedures, turnover, organisational rules, and directing overall administration. Receiving metrics from the HRIS is a key point.HR Consultant, HR Strategist, HR Analyst, and HR Director are the profiles of HR sector.
  • Information Technology and Software Sector : In order to uncover patterns from big data sets, our business analytics and business intelligence services combine techniques from statistics, operations research, artificial intelligence and database administration which includes data gathering, warehousing, querying and reporting.
  • E-commerce Sector : In India, e-commerce is expanding quickly, even if one business lags in its operations, the competition is always ready to step in. Digital analyst, Online business analyst, Analyst of retail sales have a large employment market for business analytics presently. The duties of a business analyst are tracking success using web analytics, search engine rankings, a sales record, formulating decisions based on these facts, monthly turnover and campaign metrics.
  • Telecom Sector : The essential component of any operating firm is the telecommunications sector. This industry has an impressive  impact on message transmission and data availability. Analysts are skilled in data modelling, organising presentations, system demonstration, connecting with stakeholders for results-oriented outcomes and documentation are the ideal candidates to carry out this position. Project Manager and Telecom Analyst are the major profiles of telecom sector.