Management Development
Programs (MDP)

The differentiating and the unique source of competitive advantage of any industry are the talent, competencies and capabilities at all functional, behavioral, managerial and leadership levels. This is the key factor of sustaining the growth of any industry. Therefore there is a constant need to undertake training and developing interventions to the existing talent to meet the challenges confronting the business, avail the enormous global business opportunities, and enhance the human potential in functional, managerial and leadership roles. This center designs and delivers MDPs in the following modes:

√ Open ended Programmes
√ Customized Programmes
√ Certified Programmes
√ Collaborative Programmes

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The MDP plans to cover some popular domains and cater to the needs of different target group of participants besides Corporate Executives.

√ The envisaged domains include:
√ Functional and technical competency
√ Behavioral competencies
√ Talent Management & High Performance Organization
√ Advanced and condensed General management programmes
√ Technology, operation and value chain Management
√ Leadership, Strategy & innovation
√ Individual & Team Effectiveness
√ Strategizing & Leading the business/operation
√ Assurance of Learning of students
√ Awareness programme on I cloud, Analytics, Big Data, Investing in share markets
√ Fund Mobilization through VC for startup business

Note: We also offer customized programmes in collaboration with the corporation.

Entrepreneurial cell

Students would be sensitized to entrepreneurial activities and can undertake many entrepreneurial assignments in the campus. This cell is being headed by a Designated Faculty under the Entrepreneurial cell that consists of Director, Invited Entrepreneur, and corporate professionals Faculty and students. We also approach the Government bodies and Agencies like NEN, Enterprises organization,-Young Entrepreneur council, Association of Private Enterprises Education to help us in conduction the activities in this cell

We conduct regularly

1. Entrepreneurial Guest lecturers regularly
2. Engage with the Bodies Like NASCOM, NEN in conducting workshops /seminars and awarding certificates to students who have completed
3. Arranging visits to see the business enterprises and facilitating students to discuss with Entrepreneurs
4. Allowing students to organize small business stalls in the campus on many occasions.
5. Counseling and mentoring the serious students in preparing business plans and helping them in exploring and mobilizing funds through various sources.

Value Added certificate courses

We believe in not only imparting contemporary Management core and specialized Education but also equip students with the Industry specific value added certificate courses .These courses are not generally mandatory course but each students is required minimum two such certificate course to meet the needs of corporate requirements We are currently offering the following value added courses and will keep modifying based on the merging business and enterprises requirement.

1. Advanced Excel
2. Business analytics with subject specialization
3. Digital Marketing
4. Digital banking

5. CFP
6. Labor & industrial Law
7. Supply chain
8. E commerce