Selection Process

The Admission selection process at ABBS School of Management is for all students who wish to pursue the 2-year fulltime PGDM programme. Selection is based on academic records, interview performance, and aptitude. The results are announced through email to all applications after the committee reviews the application.

Merit list will be announced, or individual admission offer will be made to the qualified candidates only.
Admissions Selection Process (ASP):

Qualified candidates will be invited for admissions selection process (ASP), once the sufficient number of application forms are received by ABBS admission department directly or through student recruiting partners.

Following two methods of conducting the admission process are adopted:
  • IN PERSON: A candidate will be called to the centre for the process based on his/her proximity to the centre or at campus.

    ABBS conduct such process for face-to-face interaction twice every month. The dates are regularly announced on website and other social media channels and also to individual applicant wishing to attend the process at campus followed by campus/ facility tours.
    A panel consisting of one internal faculty member, one external expert will be constituted to conduct the process at different centres.


    In this approach, the ASP will be conducted by face-to-face meetings at various pre-decided centres within India. The ASP centres will be selected based on the economical number of the applications (10 and above) in each city. A panel consisting of one internal faculty member, one external expert or one alumni will be constituted to conduct the process at different centres.

  • ASP through Video Conference (Skype)
    Candidates who have applied and who are far from any of the available centres constituted for the direct /in person ASP, will be considered for the process through Video Conference (SKYPE). It will be facilitated at time convenient for applicants.
    ASP Process includes:
    • The candidates will be asked to write an essay on a given topic and the same will be evaluated or students will be shown a video and it will be followed by their composition on the message in the video.
    • All candidates will be assessed through two rounds of personal interviews in person or via Skype.
    • GD may be conducted depending on the need.
    • The scores of all the candidates are compiled at the end of each round based on the parameters listed above. Merit list is drawn, and the letters of offer are sent to the selected students from this merit list. The candidates who have been offered seat will be asked to confirm their acceptance by paying the registration amount before the end of the next working day. If the candidates fail to pay, the same seat offer will be issued to the next lot of students on the merit list.
    Selection of a candidate will be done based on the AICTE guidelines and by the policy set by the ABBS Institute. No deviations whatsoever from the approved Admissions Policy shall be either accepted or entertained.
    No appeal or grievance procedure is available in this process, and decision of the Director admissions based on the process outcome is final.
The student after selection will be admitted to the course on submission of:
a) Originals relevant documents for verification and return
b) Medical Fitness Certificate from a licensed doctor.
c) Proof of payment of the admission fee.
After announcement of new admissions dates, duly filled-in applications along with the application fees are obtained from candidates. Every application form will carry a unique application number. No application form will be considered for admission selection process without the application number. Application form can be obtained by the aspirants only after remitting the application fee of Rs.1500/-. Candidates will have the option to fill up the application online or on printed forms.
b) Academic Credentials (X, XII and Under Graduate Program)
c) Entrance Examination score (s)
d) Work Experience
e) Essay Writing on contemporary topic
f) Group discussion (optional)
g) Personal Interview by faculty (Soft Skills & subject Knowledge)
h) Personal Interview by Industry executives (to assess potential)
i) Candidates with extra-curricular and co-curricular achievements are preferred.

For more information on how to apply, reach us at: +91 9141707070 or

Application Form


The following tables is a list of scholarships that ABBS School of Management offers to candidates. The scholarships offered are in the form of tuition fee waivers:

Sl. no. Sponsor Category Tution fee exeption (%) Eligibility
X Std % XII Class % Bachelor Degree % CAT / XAT Percentile MAT Score
1 ABBS Chairman’s a) Chairman’s Scholar (1) 50 90 80 70 90 >750
b) Academic Excellence (2) 50 90 85 75 80 >675
2 Corporate Merit Based (3) 25 80 75 70 70 >650
Beti Padhao (5)
Sports Champion (National level) (2) 20 60 60 60 65 >650
Cultural Star (2) 20 60 60 60 65 >600
3 ABBS Alumni Association Alumni Scholarship (3) Rs.1,00,000 80 70 60 70 >600
4 Economically backward (EBC) Details may be obtained from office (2) 50,000 50 50 60 60 >600

How to apply

Download Scholarship Form

Fill in the scholarship form and submit along with the online application form to:

Terms and Conditions
  • A total of 20 scholarships will be offered, as denoted in the table above.
  • Students applying for Sports Scholarship should have represented at a National / International level sports or at a level recognized by the National sports selection bodies like Badminton Association/Hockey India//Cricket Board etc. The date on the certificate of participation should be within the previous 5 years from the date of the scholarship application.
  • Students applying for Cultural Scholarship should have demonstrated excellence and innovation in any aspect of art and culture or showcased their talent at a State /National event. International level event will be given preference.
  • Beti Padaho Scholarship is applicable to women candidates who have demonstrated academic excellence or have also demonstrated certain skills like creativity, innovation, and excellence in any field that selection committee may consider as valuable to bring diversity in classroom and ABBS campus.
  • Students may apply for multiple categories of scholarships. If the first preference category intake is filled, students will be considered for the subsequent category. However, individual students will be awarded only one scholarship in category beneficial to student. For example, if candidate is eligible in 50% waiver or 20% waiver category, he/she will be given higher waiver.

ABBS Scholarship Committee as per policy will prepare a final merit list for awarding of scholarships. Policy will consider the candidate’s performance in the admission selection process and fulfilment of the eligibility criteria. Those studying in the final year of their bachelor’s degree programme will be granted provisional scholarship, subject to the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria for scholarship as per above eligibility table. The decision of the committee and sponsoring body is final and binding. There is no review/ appeal process as these scholarships are awarded at the pleasure of sponsors and within their laid-out criteria. If suitable candidates are not found in any of the listed categories mentioned in the table, the ABBS Scholarship Committee is free to choose deserving candidates from any other category or choose not to offer any scholarship in that category. Note: All Scholarships:

a. are awarded at the discretion of the ABBS admissions committee;
b. are subject to funding being available;
c. can be associated with, or named after patrons;
d. will not be awarded if it is considered that there is no candidate of sufficient merit.
  • Since the objective of scholarship is towards social cause is to elevate the society, the Scholarships will only be provided to those whose family’s total income is less than 30 lacs per annum.
  • Students may not defer any scholarship as it is for specific program and specific duration/ period.
  • Where a scholarship is awarded ‘for the length of the course’, the duration will be calculated on the basis of the standard course requirements, as specified in the course rules, and/or up to a maximum duration negotiated with the donor as specified in the conditions of the scholarship, if any.
  • The conditions for the continuation of a scholarship for each semester / phased waiver will include a requirement that students must gain a minimum grade of Pass not less than 60% or CGPA of 6 out of 10, in all units in which they were enrolled in the previous study period. Exceptional personal circumstances, supported by documentary evidence, may be taken into consideration if the student has not satisfied this requirement.
In the event that the recipient withdraws from or fails to make satisfactory progress in their course of study, or fails to satisfy other requirements like attendance, discipline for continuation of the scholarship, the balance of the monies otherwise payable to the recipient will either:
  • revert to the fund; or
  • be awarded to the next eligible applicant; in that case
  • The scholarship specific to ABBS where the recipient has enrolled, the scholarship will be discontinued if the recipient no longer studies at that campus or takes transfer to another institute/university.
Note: For further information please call +91 9141707070 or email: