About Us

Our Vision

ABBS School of Management is committed to educate and develop students inclusively and holistically to contribute to the industry and to the economic growth and social transformation of the society.

Our Mission

ABBS will endeavor to renovate the contemporary education with active Industry – Institute interface, global approach, leveraging ICT, collaborating with all the virtual education avenues.

Core Values

1. Innovation: Contemporary academic curriculum design, delivery and ensuring assurance of learning
2. Academic Autonomy & Flexibility: To contribute significantly by encouraging individual ability and creativity
3. Continuous improvement: We believe in the process of continuous evaluation and feedback
4. Winning spirit: Engaging students through hard work, integrity and productivity to give their best efforts


ABBS School of Management offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Banking, Finance and Allied Services. (PGDM- BIFAS). These programs are of two years duration and duly approved by the Regulatory body, AICTE and Accreditation Agencies.

The curriculum architecture for these programs has been designed based on the Industry needs, contemporary curriculum taught at the best global management schools as well as complying with the Regulatory and Accreditation norms. ABBS School of Management believes in educating and developing the management students as future professional leaders who will be competent, cultured and confident to undertake challenging corporate responsibilities. The course, apart from imparting quality management education also inculcates professional ethics, social responsibility, global and cross-cultural approach that are important for taking logical, holistic and professional decisions.

ABBS School of Management engages both academically qualified Faculty from the National and international University and institutes and professionally qualified Faculty with rich and proven corporate experience. The Faculty members of ABBS School of Management are the pillars of Knowledge and Commitment. We invite the practicing Leaders and Mangers from the different streams as Adjunct and Visiting Faculty to embellish the experiential aspect of management learning. The curriculum architecture, mapping, and the course selection and session planning are being undertaken keeping in view the changing industry needs, the best practices in the Global Management education institutes, processed and approved through a well constituted Board of Studies. The academic governance is very transparent and provides for total autonomy and innovation in making the learning more meaningful and useful. The industry and academic interface is very close and continuous in the overall activities. We constantly endeavor to not only to teach management education by aligning different andragogy and continuous assessment techniques but also to assure the effective learning by the students.

ABBS School of Management has been ranked consistently as one of top business schools at the national level by different Ranking agencies. We work towards achieving total quality, complying with Regulatory norms stipulated by AICTE .We have collaboration agreement with the various Global Management institutes to provide for global exposure to our students.


ABBS School of Management collaborates at National and global level to embellish and enrich the academic, research and total quality of management education on a continuous basis.
We have signed professional agreements with:


St. Mary's University



Daito Bunka University



Wenzhao University



Rennes School Of Business





ICICI Direct













Centre for Excellence

1) Mentoring: It is a valuable strategy to provide students with the emotional support that is needed to achieve performance in their post-graduation course. By providing guidance, encouragement and information, mentors play an important role in mentoring student’s college aspirations and helps them prepare for the transition from campus to corporate life. At ABBS School of Management, ten students are assigned to a faculty member in the first semester of their course.
2) Career Guidance: It is a very important aspect in a student’s life and is an essential ingredient for success in life. Career guidance helps a student to take the right direction at the right time. Such pre-planned guidance can make all the difference in a student’s life at ABBS School of Management, it is emphasized that career guidance is essential for the bright future of a student, and hence it is started at the earliest, towards the end of second semester.
3) Mock Interview: ABBS School of Management as part of the pre-placement training conducts mock interviews for the final year students. In the mock interviews personal grooming, personality development, General knowledge, communication skills negotiation skills and subject knowledge are honed and tested. Feedbacks on the areas of improvement are given to the students. This helps students to improve their performance and face the interviews.
4) OBT: In the outbound training conducted by ABBS School of Management, we use the invaluable concepts of action and experiential learning – one’s experiences serving as a learning tool – and aim at consistently helping students gain immediate and powerful insight into their own and their team’s work styles and behavior.
5) Knowledge Exchange Series: It is one of the unique program at ABBS School of Management, where in the faculties from various departments deliver lectures on different and advanced aspects of learning. Then there will be an open discussion regarding each lecture. It is conducted on every Wednesdays from 3.00 to 4.30 pm.
6) Book Review: Book Review is an extra-curricular activity that has been designed for students to read Management books written by various authors and share the knowledge gained with others. This activity encourages the students to imbibe the reading habit which improves the student’s language skills. It also gives students the confidence to improve their oral communication skills and get over the barrier of stage fear.
7) Toastmasters International: Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. ABBS School of Management partnered with Toastmasters International by starting the club in the month of May 2014, ‘Toastmaster Club’ helps our students to improve their communication and leadership skills required to make them better future managers in the competitive business world.
8) Departmental Library: Apart from the central library of the college, a departmental library has been constituted which includes the text books, journals, research articles, project reportsand CDs.
9) Orientation Program: Regular Orientation Programmes are organized both for students and faculty.
10) Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE): CFE organizes workshops on potential areas of self-employment.
11) Alumni Participation: The College is having an alumni association. Meeting of alumni forums are arranged formally. Their opinion and feedback are taken into consideration in all academic activities.
12) Rural Camps: Students are frequently exposed to community development interventions in selected rural areas. It gives an opportunity for students to witness how the other side lives. Interaction with different stakeholders on rural issues pertaining development, education, education support programmes, life conditions, nutrition and health, women and child issues would give clear picture about rural life and associated challenges and opportunities.
13) Clubs: There are various clubs which are operating actively in the college. The Clubs include HR Club, Marketing Club, Finance Club, Prakruti Club, Business club and IT Club.
14) Partnership with NGOs: The College is having MOUs with various NGOs. MoU has been signed with University Women’s Association, Bangalore, Better Tomorrow Movement (BTM), KGF and CRHSE, Yelagiri hills, Tamil Nadu.
15) Life Style Club: ABBS School of Management life style club is unique association where one’s health is given priority with different lifestyle improvement programs, activities, seminars and demos.
16) Prakruthi Club: Prakruti club is a voluntary group of faculty and students who are engaged in tree planting and creating awareness about climate change.
17) International Tour: International study tours are arranged every year with a view to give opportunity for learning best global practices and interacting with experts in the field.
18) Industry/Research Institute Interaction: Industrial visits to research institutes / industries give opportunities for students to learn various concepts by first-hand experience.
19) Bridge Course: In the beginning of the academic year college organizes a bridge course for the I semester students on the basic aspects of their curriculum.
20) Moral and Ethical Cell: A moral and ethical cell aims to inculcate the moral and ethical values in the students.
21) Film Shows: A small film shows are conducted by the language departments in the audio visual room.
22) Students Research Program: One of the Key features of ABBS School of Management is that the students are involved in various research projects.
23) Community Development: The College inculcates civic responsibility among students through extension activities. Different organizations like NSS, Youth Red Cross, Prakruthi Club, Science club, Women’s cell, etc take part in them.
24) Acahrya Premier League (APL): In the month of December 2013, the students of ABBS School of Management formed APL in the same format of IPL. The objective of APL is to inculcate team spirit, group dynamics, and spirit of sportsmanship and at the same time help individuals to recognize their talents. Such events facilitate students to strike a physical and mental balance.
25) Running Extra Miles: It is an open forum to engage students actively even after their regular classes. It is designed in such a way that students engage themselves in conducting management games, group discussions, video presentations, role play, simulation games, and business quiz and so on.
26) 5K Run
27) Important Days Celebration: The world celebrates some important days in a year to create awareness among global citizens an understanding of its impact in our daily lives. At ABBS School of Management, some of the important days celebrated include National Education Day (11th Nov.), Teachers’ Day (5th Sept), World Hunger Day (31st May) to name a few. On such occasions students gather in amphi theatre and the nominated students talk on the importance of the day. Therefore, the floor is opened for discussion on the topic.